We were at the WearIT festival at Berlin, which took place from 19th to 20th of June 2018 in Berlin. Our main goal was to get in touch with the smart textiles industry and to get some new input for our requirements analysis.

The Wear It Festival in Berlin showed the potential of wearables with a focus on the development of new products, the development of visionary prototypes and forward-looking concepts.

Visitors were able to find the right partner to develop the next portable product and become a visionary and change the companies of tomorrow in terms of portable technologies and design.

Wearables, Fashion Tech, Smart Clothing and Consumer Innovation: More than 500 visitors experienced two days full of inspiration at the fair, learned from successful companies and met the most important driving forces from business, politics and culture.

Banner fromĀ https://www.wearit-berlin.com/banners/